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NHO Queen of the Void thread 2 Author: Upvoting Overlady, on account of being quality humor. Only to be stopped cold. Whether you have a current love affair with the breed, enjoyed the company of Irish in the past, or are completely new to the breed we hope this resource will inspire your commitment to this wonderful breed of dog. The code to make a spoiler tag is: Just in a minute after he set the last spring, she would do so. No maybes about it. A Self Insert Orange Lantern , and founding member of The Team. About Our Item Types. The unknowns were standing near one another, to the side. UNSC is a bit beefed up technologically. That made me burst out laughing. It was enough to reveal my face. Letterbox in Security Wall. Goes out the other alternative is lot like writing. But what seems to be a simple dyson sphere shall shatter the way they conceive the universe forever. No, create an account now. And Twi is semi-unbrainwashed cyborg. I opted to let her know she hadn’t fooled me, however. King , Inverness and 16 others like this. Worm , Exalted, Crossover Recommended by: Bonelike protrusions extended from her knuckles, sharper than shark teeth. Spacebattles Creative Writing Recomendation Thread Page Spacebattles Creative Writing Recomendation Thread. And if I saw it, Tattletale probably just learned half of her life’s story. These are the logs of Arrow 18 and its lone commander. Make it clear that you are the author if you are doing this. Just a oneshot, but a very well done oneshot. It gives a great take on the events and highlights the kinds of things that would have to be done and what could go wrong, and the kinds of Bscs thesis badass it takes to overcome that sort of adversity. She dragged me to one of the computer terminals, all the while ignoring the threats issued by my friends. Most wearing some weird hazmat suit looking costumes that I’d never seen before. Prototype , Familiar of Zero, Tags: She liked doing her nails herself. NHO, walkir Scorned by: Keiran Halcyon, Wolf of Dawn and AJW Summary: Just another drop of blood and– just one more drop and– and He wrote himself into the same corner Wildbow did with Taylor’s character Louise De La Valliere, third daughter of the Valliere family, and student of the Tristain Academy is fighting to prove herself. I could do it on live national television and be applauded as a hero. You see, there is little Hiigara class ship Arsene Lupin without Fleet Command available. But was it even a flaw? You won’t need your plague today. See more about Baby sister, Undercut and Teal Added a little sassy edginess to my baby sisters hair with this undercut and peek-a-boo teal lowlights: You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. SpaceBattles Creative Writing Forum[ META] Creative Writing at SpaceBattles. The precise spring-loaded clockwork seemed to work.

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Starfield, havocfett, Robo Jesus, CV12Hornet, Hollewanderer, Rhaka the Red, mdman1 Black Flower part2 Author: She didn’t know sign language. Explain the plot of a Creative Writing. I had also convinced myself that it couldn’t possibly get any worse. They decided to share some of it with humanity. It would be a long, bloody siege for every side of this war. I kinda lost interest, myself. Kirk Chancellor Gorkon rescues a group of Human refugees from the far side of the galaxy. Are you back to making clocks? Like it says on the tin, this thread is to index all those pesky SI fics, Joining a few hundred pounds of other metal that was once Hookwolf. To crew it with best and brightest. Especially in the areas left uninhabitable by Behemoth. People who were just straight up rude seemed to be in a minority. Using the same acid as killed GG was a nice touch. What if certain tragedies, in the past, we averted? Grue had a hand on Skitter’s shoulder. If you are not ready for this type of concrit, then that’s fine. The Galaxy Project – Chapter 1 – ORBSyndicate – Stargate – All He looked like he wanted to, the concern on his face reminded me of my father. Touhou, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, comedy, crossover, bullet hell. It is Christmas in Fuyuki, and Rider is going to make sure that everyone who deserves a happy ending gets one. When I said everything, I mean everything.

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Why do you bash things together when it is not necessary? They don’t know what’s going to hit them” Tags: There is alien invasion now. Amelia Worm AU Discussion in ‘ Worm ‘ started by TanaNari , Oct 16, Creative Writing Stories, ideas, rec threads and discussions. Legend just looked at me. So when I break from “the rules”, it sometimes just confuses people. After all the news about Pantheon, I had just about given up hope. A bladed chain shot straight at me like it was a thrown spear. Several years after the Golden Morning, on her 18th birthday Vista unintentionally travels back in time to Brockton Bay before Leviathan struck the city. The Alternate Histor… on Wither Alternate History. Portal got wrong, instead of opening second aperture few meters away, it opened on another world. New Contests Buy Our Stuff. TanaNari , Oct 18, Space fairing High Fantasy magical races Elves, Dwarves CW Index Rec threads, discussion threads, ideas. Go forth and entertain, Octavia Ple! Way to many, but many of the big sci-fi series are represented such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Delinquents Worm Dramedy Axle , Oct 26, Literally every organic substance on the planet. I was probably safe if they attacked. Both of them were superhumanly quick with absurd understanding of just where to hit to hurt. It would be a long, bloody siege for every side of this war.

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I wasn’t sure if either could get the upper hand in straight combat, but our changelings could maintain Olympic level activity for several hours without rest, if need be. CV12Hornet, Starfield Shinji’s Nightmare Author: Anything I decided would make me a hypocrite or worse. But who using who? This was just fucking absurd. Ooh, you made a reference to Myth! The Colonial fleet finds a dubious deliverance in the hands of an alien empire that has conquered Earth. The whole area was. Halo, Mass Effect, crossover Recommended by: NHO Age of Monsters: Subscribe to this RSS feed. A cloud of black formed an arrow pointing her to the left, into an alleyway. But now she has a second chance, access to power beyond the Void. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Recommended by RazorSmile, throwaawy, and spacemonkey37 Status: Both an asset in how it makes her that much more creative, free in her ways. Stargate, AU Recommended by:

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Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. TSAB knowingly saved Earth twice and unknowingly gave X-Com time to organize. Muscle had started bleeding internally. In the Galactic Codex, words are dedicated to the Miracle at Palaven. Following the end of the Dark Age of Technology, and the beginning of the Great Crusade, the enemy is no longer chaos. Please check for posts about any story before you post. A Game of Domination SI Tryglaw , Aug 28, And getting one’s balls cut off with scissors sounds like pretty clear torture. Agatha Heterodyne finds herself in worst situation ever: You might want to check out the other fics linked there as well though some of them are not quite as OP as you seem to want. Most of her internal physiology was copied from the 7 different kinds of essays bizarre twist of an Alexandria package. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Anything I decided would make me a hypocrite or worse. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Community Ask The Tropers Trope Launch Pad Trope Finder You Know That Show Live Blogs Reviews Forum. Was more efficient than actually fighting back. Peteman , Wild Goose Synopsis: Jan 3, Messages: Fuck it, the worst they could do would be to kill me and drag my name through the dirt. It will remind you why you still comb through archives of fanfiction, for the elusive works of quality. World War Z Fanfic Recommendations Rag-Tag fleet jumped into rich asteroid field to mine for resources. Yes, my password is: As for genocide and fascism. Expansion of a short Codex Entry. Disable CSS Enable CSS. NHO An Astral Drop in Heatherfield Author: A Starfleet taskforce is finds itself transported to the universe of Babylon 5, where they are forced to establish themselves as a visible power. SufficientVelocity User Fiction Forum. The Ancient is about a bunch of Aliens finding a human relic. The Monsters in Her Mind is probably the most OP Taylor in existence. A dozen emotions pushed to the surface. Winners get trophy points! There’s a lot of nice OP stuff in the Harry Potter and Naruto fandoms some of my favorite HP fanfics are extremely OP! I hadn’t read that fic yet, so I’m not sure of the specifics; it’s probably a good deal less than you want. Another one of Warringer’s epics. The characters solve problems through the intelligent application of their knowledge and resources. A doctor named Rebecca wakes up on Ilos, trapped within the memory banks of a Prothean computer. Silly but necessary example: Then GDI meet Citadel. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Dennis must never know.

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Amy wasn’t giving up. Trump Card Worm AU Ack , Sep 2, I’ve also read some fics where taylor has similar powers of Eidolon or Glastig Uaine’s but those aren’t really over Both fates were far better than I deserved. A failure even at summoning a familiar. The other butterfly is that Battery is still alive right now. Starfield, havocfett, Robo Jesus, CV12Hornet, Hollewanderer, Rhaka the Red, mdman1 Black Flower part2 Author: You can do a lot with determination. You are using an out of date browser. Ponies are being assembled by the chains of fate, and Nightmare Moon will be coming. But she was so much less human than Siberian. There is only one scorecard in Rag-Tag Fleet that matters. Captain Donald “Ronin” Caldwell and most people who know him think that he is greatest ace of his epoch. A ball of mud sailed into the room and caught Dobrynja’s visor. How would you react when she would not want to merge back? Kura The Dog , heholo , fireball and 8 others like this. NHO A Certain Electric Deliveryman Author: It’s a great fic, even despite the author railroading all possible ships thus far. Your name or email address: The people on that site are very confrontational and looking for a fight. Aceso was cackling like a madwoman as she pressed her attacks. But it was not to be. Just a little more. Transfers damage to attuned object s. A shallow slice along the left ankle, that would have disabled all sensation for that foot if it hit where I’m pretty sure it did. Sheaman , Slayer Anderson , Ack and 4 others like this. Who can help but sigh at a pack of adorably sleepy international students, snoozing the day away in the comfiest library chairs? A Hero thread 2 Author: The strange thing is I’ve read the threads on the creative writing forum in Spacebattles before. Do you believe in miracles? Corrected minor grammatical error, in which a clause was ended with a preposition. A Self Insert Orange Lantern , and founding member of The Team. But her momentum could be added to Amy’s. Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work. Ok, at this point Skitter, Amelia, Riley, and TT could declare Brockton Bay an independant state if they wanted to and no-one could do jackshit. Information on Tax Refunds.

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Meta-Discussion Cauldron Character Development self. SwiftRosenthal , Jan 26, There were two uttery lethal beings in Black Mesa. My Account My Cart Checkout Logout. And leaking magic forces portal to expand. If I were to venture outside this little box, I’d expect to run into a more. Babylon 5, AU, epic Recommended by: Xaliuss , Faraway-R Protecting your privacy essay , Sheaman and 4 others like this. War is going a bit better. Armmaster giving honest advice. I am currently rereading his oeuvre, and it is quite long and variable in quality at the beginning and end. In Rational ist Fiction: It sent the Siberian after her as well. Dresden Files, Girl Genius. He then sets out to make the multiverse a better place. They don’t know what’s going to hit them” Tags: Soon she would rise. The Unnamed World [Quote based Worldbuilding Game] Gaemnomut , Jan 28, Almost as much as My Immortal did. Sufficient Velocity Forums new comment by A FANDOM user Comment: Thanks to Sun tzu for the name, too. One of Musky fishing essay Victoria’s ideas I’d been drifting again. I led the charge. Now all that remains is to make memorial to the dead, to clean Brockton Bay from filth, to make it city worth living in again. Her heart was working but there wasn’t enough of what to work with. Quests Want to take part in the new wave of cutting edge roleplaying? I had forgotten about this one until someone liked a post I made ages ago about stories I wanted to see updated: I love this story. Meta-Discussion Introducing Non-Shard Powers? Net profile entitled Alternate Realities, its a Stargate SG1 AU fic. Coiler [Terminator 3] Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results Author: Cyclone , Oct 18, The nazi woman’s wounds, on the other hand, were the opposite. Jan 10, Messages: Jack Slash Interlude It had been a bad day for me, I had to admit it. But nothing unmasks a man like his use of power. It doesn’t matter all that much if Ao3 or QQ or whatever is objectively better, if the big guy has ten times the userbase it’ll tend to continue having ten times the userbase. Warhammer 40k, Action, Comedy. CV12Hornet The House of Elendil Author: When the Imperium of Man set up a colony in a new galaxy, they did not know they were stepping into another galactic catacclysm. Several years after the Holy Grail has been dismantled, the sudden return of faded Servants to their masters – all those who still live from the wars – marks the beginning of a dark plot. Instead it fell on Haruno Sakura.


Ducking under the Siberian’s blows and getting a few in, herself. The ending of Mass Effect 3 was not the beginning of the end. Care to provide a link or topic name where these rude and unhelpful responses came from? DC, SI, Black Lantern. The Miracle at Palaven , by Kei Summary: Guided, reusable, autonomous WMDs. A fic had Taylor kidnapped, drugged, and treated similarly to how Dinah is treated in canon and got banhammered. WormFanfic submitted 1 year ago by geosun. Virtually non porous, highly resistant to stains and bacteria growth. They could never hope to encompass the despair, the ingenuity, the desperation, the spirit, and the valor of this grammar check free online english unprecedented operation. You keep shifting between first- and third-person perspective. Home Chi siamo Servizi senza segreti Preventivi in chiaro Artisti Alternative Cover Liscio Piano Bar. Humanity found that beings out there may be not friendly. GuesssWho , Oct 18, I personally don’t like them, but to each’s own. Khepri will be your backup. Joy is to be had by all. Clearly, his shard asked Tattletale’s for advice. Green Eyed Monster 81 Omake: Make it clear that you are the author if you are doing this. Earth had made their first contact right after first warp experiment.

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I kept chasing after thugs. Rhaka the Red, CV12Hornet The Cavalry Author: There was a number of things we needed to ask for, including tech to help cure the increasingly impatient Noelle. Noah heard the other one make a gurgling sound. Home Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Virtually non porous, highly resistant to stains and bacteria growth. Ah, if I’d known then what I know now, I would have nominated her. NHO , Aug 27, Announcements and Rules Staff announcements and rules. Turning a group of second rate thieves into the terrors of a city that had reduced the Slaughterhouse Nine to two people hiding in an Endbringer shelter. The Ark Royal, an old, almost mothballed, barely serviceable, museum piece of a carrier held an anchor for decades, and its equally forgotten skeleton crew commanded by an equally mothballed, career anchored, alcohol prone Commodore And Seven Corps would not be enough. Plus a third for interdimensional access, since the Endbringer power source, and likely their control system, exists in another dimension. But this “round” was lost and they both knew it. But there was no point, it was already a suicide mission. The Siege of Reach Author: NHO Catch the Falling Sky Author: We had to create new programs to decrypt the information they contained. Because something is coming. Also, XCOM is quite different from Blackwatch And it is good. Your Name Here Reviews: And gangs, amazingly, explode. TanaNari , Jan 26, In the Grim Darkness of of the forty millenium Seras Victoria is vampire no longer. Guide for newcomers to SB. I knew I smelled like it. She avoided most of the barrage, but Siberian was simply digging her hands into the concrete and flinging chunks of it at her. Babylon 5, AU, epic Recommended by: Ergo, post recs in the following format: Ddmkm and Pandemonious Ivy like this. You won’t be able to vote or comment. How do I link posts up to link to chapter titles? Dixie what format to the cv, dont need to your organization. And then his eyes brightened with realisation.


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